About the Stories Of You Podcast 

A listener recently described the show as 'ordinary people with extraordinary stories' - I think that's a pretty good way of summing up the show. 

Allowing people an opportunity to tell their own story, their journey and their experiences. 

It's a story telling podcast presented in a  documentary style. 

We are always on the lookout for a good story - so if you have a suggestion, or maybe you'd just like to give us some feedback, please get in touch via the Make Contact form. We're, however, not really that keen on spam, so if you're trying to sell some sort of search engine ranking system or you area 'long lost relative with a large inheritance to offer' - well we already have enough of those sorry. 

About the Host 

Never sure whether I should write this in the first person or third person. Ok - well it seems I've started in first person, so lets stick with that. 

I have worked in community radio for a long time. Since 1990 actually. I love creating audio and have always wanted to get into podcasting. Well, ever since podcasting became a thing.

I have been a broadcaster at 3RRR and PBS in Melbourne presenting music and talks shows, I used to produce the podcast for The Breakfasters for a bit but now am making this show. Though I am still a regular fill at both PBS and RRR.

Podcasting is a great medium, it allows you to make stories that can just run for their natural length. You don't have to stretch something out or shrink it down to fit into a particular time. 

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