2) Interview With A Photographer – Who Has A Guide Dog

Andrew Follows is a professional photographer with a difference. His vision condition,  retinitis pigmentosa, renders him legally blind. Andrew’s ability to overcome the hurdles presented to him as a blind photographer makes for an engaging, fascinating and inspirational story.

Andrew Follows Website is here | Andrew Follows Facebook Page is here

Music on this episode was by Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech.

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1) Meet Dorothy Hamilton – The Piano Woman

Dorothy Hamilton was the first blind woman in the southern hemosphere to obtain a Music degree, she worked as a music teacher at an all-girls school in Melbourne, raised four children and set up a Braille Music Camp (which in 2015 celebrated its 30th year).

The first episode of Stories Of You captures the story of Dorothy Hamilton. Her life, her personal journey.

The documentary also features Garry Stinchcombe, who worked with Dorothy for 20 years as a teacher. Garry is totally blind himself and recounts what it has been like to know and work with her.

Jordie Howell is also on this show, Jordie was a former student of Dorothy’s and also worked with her as a teacher as well.

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All the piano playing was performed by Dorothy.

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